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Good Bread

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Nothing tastes as good as a warm slice of homemade bread. Jesus knew this. Jesus wanted us to remember him...with something really good. So he took bread and he blessed it and he said, "remember me...each time you do this...remember me"

So we eat bread...sometimes we dip it in grape juice (because wine might cause some people a problem and we don't want to go there) Sometimes it's whole wheat bread. Sometimes it's squishy white bread. Sometimes it's a tough loaf of artisan peasant bread that really rips apart with effort. We get crumbs on the floor. We sniff the bread because it smells so good.

Our pastor tells us to take a good chunk of that bread...because remembering Jesus is remembering how much he loves us...and who doesn't want...a whole lot of love.

During Holy Week some of us get together in our kitchen and bake bread. Then Thursday night (what we call Maundy Thursday which is the Thursday before Easter) we gather in a Lower room and pretend it's an Upper Room. And we break that bread we've baked. We dip it in soup and grape juice. We remember how Jesus died. And we remember how he lived for us...and how he loves us...always.

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